Plague of Stars experiments to create a new genre-defying metal act, deliberately combining metal sub-genres, as well as other musical textures, to create something innovative.

Plague of Stars includes: Liz Ziegler (Portraits of War, Portentum, Imaginaerum), Will Maravelas (Coffin Rites, Chalice of Suffering, We Are Legion) Aaron Lanik (Ysilik, Chalice of Suffering, We Are Legion), Frodo Caulfield (The Omega Sequence, Echoes of the Fallen), and Neal Pruett (Mastiff, Oppress the Tyrant).

Plague of Stars was born in 2012 and their debut album ‘When Morning Came’ was released in 2014. The band released their second album “Daedalus” in June 2019 to rave reviews! New band member Aaron “Frodo” Caulfield contributed to the songwriting. Bassist Tim Morton left for California in 2020 and the band announced in March 2020 the addition of Neal Pruett on bass! 

In early 2023, original vocalist Melissa decided to step away from Plague of Stars in order to pursue other musical projects. The band onboarded Liz Ziegler to fill the role of vocalist. They had a retirement party/farewell show in September of 2023 to say goodbye to Melissa and welcome Liz. This was truly a spectacle and a special night.

Behind the scenes, the band is wrapping up their third album “Extinction,” which will be released summer of 2024. This album is going to be the heaviest album to date!