Hailing from the vibrant metal scene of Minneapolis, MN (USA), Plague of Stars has captivated audiences and critics alike with their unparalleled blend of darkness, energy, and raw musical prowess.

Led by the haunting vocals of Liz Ziegler, this band of musical veterans, including Will Maravelas, Aaron Lanik, Frodo Caulfield, and Neal Pruett, defies categorization with their apocalyptic, female-fronted, genre-defying sound.

Since their inception in 2012, Plague of Stars has been on a relentless quest to push the boundaries of metal. From shattering riffs to ethereal melodies, they traverse uncharted territories, blending elements of doom, black, and gothic metal into a potent brew that leaves listeners spellbound.

But it’s on the stage where Plague of Stars truly shines. Their live performances are a visceral experience, blending high energy with deliciously dark atmospheres. Twin Cities Media lauded their “secret sauce” element that keeps audiences enthralled, while Metal Nexus praised their ability to hook listeners with melody and power.

Their debut album, “When Morning Came,” was released in 2014, earning acclaim for its striking diversity and bold experimentation. Metal Temple hailed it as “a striking and wonderfully diverse album,” while Rockin’ Paparazzo praised the band for creating something wholly unique in the metal landscape.

In 2019, Plague of Stars unleashed their sophomore effort, “Daedalus,” to widespread acclaim. Lyrical Spell Magazine awarded it a heavy 9 out of 10, praising its intensity and depth. With each track, the band demonstrated their mastery of the craft, pushing boundaries and challenging expectations. Now, with their upcoming release “Extinction (2024),” Plague of Stars promises their most ambitious and heavy offering yet.