Aaron "Frodo" Caulfield

Aaron "Frodo" Caulfield


Since leaving the Shire, the Frodes has played guitar and bass for local bands Thinning the Veil, Echoes of the Fallen, Witchden and The Omega Sequence. Frodo also plays in Echos of the Fallen.

Liz Ziegler

Liz Ziegler


Liz is a lover of all things awesome: adventures, music, nature, and bikes. She is a professional musician and can be seen directing choirs, teaching K-5 music, coaching fitness classes, and performing. In addition to Plague of Stars, Liz is in a Nightwish Tribute band called Imaginaerum. She spent most of the last decade playing keys and singing in Portraits of War and Portentum (both RIP).

Liz holds a BA in music business and vocal performance, and an MAE in Vocal Music Education.

Aaron Lanik

Aaron Lanik


Drummer percussionist since birth, I have been toiling against the oppressive forces with my Plague of Stars rebels since the bands inception in 2012. I have been playing in local/regional bands since 1996 writing and releasing music as an original artist. My previous and current other bands include Black Umbrella Cult, Figure of Merit, In The Fields, And Hope to Die, Illika, Pink Gorilla vs. Panda Bear, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, We Are Legion, Climactic, Chalice of Suffering and  most recent, Ysilik. I have done several studio recordings for the local and international bands White Empress, Signs of Reign and Solemn Echoes. I dedicate my work as a musician to my 3 children Elijah, Isabella and Asher as well as my family and friends. My dearest friend Adam Sagan – I dedicate my works to you playing your kit through you! NAMASTE!

Will Maravelas

Will Maravelas


Will is a guitarist, drummer and a recording engineer. Will started playing music seriously at the age of 12 years old first picking up guitar after seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn play on Austin City Limits. He was exposed to metal (and various other genres) through cassette tape trading, live shows at a local ages venue in his hometown of LaCrosse, WI, record stores and recommendations from friends including Plague of Stars drummer, Aaron Lanik.

Starting as a guitarist, Will found comfort and expression in songwriting versus being a virtuoso shredder and modeled his playing style after guitar players that spoke to him in those ways. Once in college, Will started (seriously) playing drums finally buying his own kits and joining bands. It was his rock band Hawthorn Guild that landed him a gig working at Actual Sound studios first exposing him to the world of recorded audio as an engineer. After several years cutting his teeth and learning the craft of recording Will decided it was time to relocate to the Twin Cities to pursue music a bit more full time.

While continuing to play in bands in the area (And Hope to Die, Hawthorn Guild, We are Legion) and a brief stint working at Bimanic Recording Studios; Will opened up 14:59 studios in 2008. 14:59 Studios has been the home for making Plague of Stars music since the bands inception. Plague is currently working with Will on their next record as we type.

Will continues to play music in various projects outside Plague of Stars including Chalice of Suffering, Wolf Harvester, Insect Death and More. 

About Plague of Stars, Will said “Plague of Stars is essentially the band where I have no rules as a songwriter, but I still feel like it has a sound. As long as it grooves and it’s dark : it’s Plague of Stars! Playing with Liz, Aaron, Frodo and Neal is just a great time. I can’t wait to show you this next round of songs.”

Neal Pruett

Neal Pruett


World’s self-proclaimed most okayest bassist.  Neal has been rocking the stage and bass for 20+ years in the Twin Cities in numerous bands. Here’s my list of my bands!



Tarantula Garden- 2005

This Will Not End Well-2008

Ghost Hook-2011

We Are Legion-2011


Challice Of Suffering-2017

Oppress The Tyrant-2019

Plague Of Stars-2020